Topic:2 How To Make About Us WebView For Your Application (For Client Company) Swift3 iOS

Here Is Our Basic Web View For About Us…

For More Information.

For This You Have To Take One Blank View Controller… And Select A web View As Shown In Picture…

Select It And Put It In To Your Blank VC…
Now Set Some Margin And Constraint For Better View…
click on this image…

Now Its Time To Code It…
So, Here We have code For It…

import UIKit

class AboutuswebViewControoler: UIViewController,UIWebViewDelegate {

@IBOutlet weak var webView: UIWebView!
@IBOutlet weak var activityIndicator: UIActivityIndicatorView!

func webViewDidStartLoad(_ webView: UIWebView) {
activityIndicator.isHidden = false

func webViewDidFinishLoad(_ webView: UIWebView) {
activityIndicator.isHidden = true

func webView(_ webView: UIWebView, shouldStartLoadWith request: URLRequest, navigationType: UIWebViewNavigationType) → Bool {
return true

override func viewDidLoad() {
    webView.delegate = self
    let url = URL(string: "")
    webView.loadRequest(URLRequest(url: url!))   

func webView(_ webView: UIWebView, didFailLoadWithError error: Error) {
    print("error" + error.localizedDescription)

override func didReceiveMemoryWarning() {
    // Dispose of any resources that can be recreated.

// MARK: - Navigation
// In a storyboard-based application, you will often want to do a little preparation before navigation
override func prepare(for segue: UIStoryboardSegue, sender: Any?) {
    // Get the new view controller using segue.destinationViewController.
    // Pass the selected object to the new view controller.

@IBAction func BackButton(_ sender: Any) {

Now You Can Get Result like this…
But By Giving Any URL At here

let url = URL(string: “”)

You Can Get The Web View Of That Particular Site…
But The Condition To Fix The View With This Method Is Only The Web Site Should Responsive…

I Have Given A Home Button So User Can Not Browse In Their Browser And On Click Of Reload User Can Able To Reload The Site…

Basically This View Uses The Browser And In Browser User Can Navigate Them Selves Anywhere So To Stick User With This View I Was Used Home Button In My Application…

Now What Happens When User Click On About Us From My Application User Can Not able To Browse In Their Browser And If User Click On The Home Button User Will Be Redirected To The Application…

U Can Also Put Some gestures To Provide View Like Loading Your Requested Site…