Time to update the book?

Chapter 2

example(of:“Variable”) {
let variable = Variable(“New Initial Value”)

[DEPRECATED] Variable is planned for future deprecation. Please consider BehaviorRelay as a replacement. Read more at: Moving *Relay into their own Framework. · Issue #1501 · ReactiveX/RxSwift · GitHub

Quote from discussion found at the link above … “The problem is Variable in itself isn’t part of RxSwift or ReactiveX. It is a Cocoa-specific implementation that mainly works as an Imperative Bridge to people that find it hard to go “All declarative / all observable” immediately. It is not really a pure component of RxSwift to begin with”

An update is underway, stay tuned

Great, I’m really enjoying this book

Hello, any news about the update?

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Just wanted to know if there is any release date planned for the next version

Hi, there is no release date pinned

It’s been a long time … any release date yet for the third edition?

@evs718 We will update the book soon. I will let you know when I know more about this. Thank you!

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Hi, any update for the release date?

Should be out any day now

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