Time Stamp: How to convert ZuluTime to Pacific Tim

I seem not to be able to grasp the time ahead and subtracting the time to Pacific.
What I have is a JSON
Can iOS convert the Time Stamp that was created by the server?

@hcri50 Thanks very much for your question! In order to convert an object to a particular timezone, I found a solution that was identical to your problem. The solution may be found here.

I hope this helps!

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thank you for your reply, sadly I can not make GMT work for Zulu time.
If you noticed that the time string for display is NSString *str = @“2012-12-17 04:36:25”;
Mine is Different for it ends in :24Z. which stands for Zulu not GMT
thank you again sir.

Please go to the link and see if you can find a solution there, or perhaps post your question on to StackOverflow, and hopefully you’ll get a solution to your problem soon!

All the best!

I think I know what to do, I will get back to let you know

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