The Objective-C syntax book

Sorry for kind of offtopic. But it seems that all stuff about debugging and reverse engineering is focused on Objective-C. And as for me there’s a problem — i’d start to learning iOS and macOS develop from swift, so i’ve totally missed Objective-C language, and it makes me pain every Obj-C expression.

So maybe some one know any good Objective-C language books? Not about Objective-C apple API, but for exact language syntax, like apple publish for swift now?

If you have ordered any of our books, check out the “My Products” section of your account page. You can click here to jump to that page. Check out the version history for the books you have. Some of them (like IOS Apprentice) will have older versions that were written with Objective-C.

Also, check out the archives section of the Tutorials dropdown menu. That will take you here. The articles are no longer supported, but there is a lot of Objective-C content in there.

Have fun!


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