The mass off a sprite

I’m making a game like catnap. I have different blocks with different masses when i save the project and quit xcode and i restart my project again my massas of the sprites i saved are reseted to another mass. How can i save the mass of a sprite?

Thank you

I was going to suggest a scheme where you go through your sprite list and create a dictionary of [id : mass] and simply persist that dictionary when you exit then restore it when your game resumes - but are you having trouble between runs of the game or is it that information is being lost when you quit and restart Xcode?

The information is getting lost when i quit and restart Xcode.

Are you using some kind of revision control system like git? Are you working in a team where someone else could be committing and overwriting your changes? Xcode project files are notorious for being a pain to store in git and other tools.

Apart from that can you grab a screenshot of just where you are making the change?