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Yes of course flutter is the future of mobile development and android and ios developer should start learning it for better future though native apps are the root for app development but flutter kind of technologies do play a vital role.I too have stated working with flutter and want to provide my work may be helpful for someone who is interested in flutter Flutter -

I just want to add, the crossplatform dream has existed ever since there have been different operating system platforms.

Yet, there is no universal, effective solution.

The closest thing I have seen to cross platform is Unity and Unreal. But even then cannot pull in the power of native development.

After all this time, there are still no major players doing high complete cross platform development for heavy use apps.

Just wanted to say thanks for the talk. Lots of great info and observations.

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Both Flutter and Native apps have their advantages and challenges associated. Both the technologies provide amazing experience and scalability to the users. Native apps involve specific development of apps either for iOS or Android whereas flutter is a cross-platform application.

The decision regarding the right platform is solely based upon your requirements and the features either you want to add. For more assistance, you can contact an adept android app development service provider whose experience and knowledge will help you in selecting the best technology.

@zorn Really glad you liked it!

As developers there are number of tools at our disposal to achieve what we want to achieve. In certain cases we can achieve things quickly with Flutter and also possibly React-Native.

But I believe React-Native for new projects is something people are rarely doing. REDUX and React-Native have failed to prove effective for large projects, usually making support extremely costly and full of bugs.

But there’s plenty of $$$ for developers who can handle the pain of supporting old React-Native apps.

There are better architectures and ideas out there for native iOS and Android Development now, especially with the return of sanity in procedural programming using Structured Concurrency.

Reactive Programming is not bad, but structured concurrency does have an edge over Reactive Programming, since it does the same things, but makes it easier to step through, debug and read.

Again, I believe Flutter and Xamarin (Now MAUI) are good tools for cross platform development. But if you want solid, long term, well supported and less buggy apps, stick with Native iOS or Android. It’s not hard to switch between Kotlin <> Swift. Both are very similar languages.