Team Code ( No Storyboard ) Who is up to it?

Hey there everyone, @raywenderlich
I would like to suggest a new subject for the RW team, and was curious to know who is up to it.
The subject is an intermediate++ tutorial on how to code without the Storyboard. i joined this group of developers thanks to @brianvoong and i can tell you guys that my understanding of iOS has sky :rocket:rocketed.
let me know what you guys think.


@yoele Thanks very much for your question! The reality is that Storyboards are not going anywhere, and it is a fact that Apple pushes developers to use storyboards. Having said that, we will definitely consider your suggestion :slight_smile:

All the best!

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What would be your reasoning for this? Doing everything by code makes things much more complicated. You visually see exactly what you’re getting with a storyboard. If you do it in code, you really need to be intimately familiar with your project to know what it’s supposed to be doing and look like. That seems like a no-brainer, but when you come back to a project 6 months later and you’re looking at 50 lines of UI code, instead of a picture in a storyboard, it’s painful.

Well first of all I’m a Programer not a Designer, Storyboard is nice when you are making small projects, but once you go big I can tell you code is much better, its much faster (compile time), easier to reuse, you will have a deeper understanding of Swift & iOS, this is my opinion from my experience, I’m not against Storyboard, I do use it from time to time but if you want to get better you should try it.

Have a great day


Many developers use Auto Layout in code. I know first hand that many large scale projects do this. Why? There are many reasons:

  1. Some developers prefer code over to storyboards. It’s just preference.
  2. Doing things in code forces a developer to ensure they know what they are doing.
  3. Doing UI in code as opposed to using storyboards prevents countless problems using Git (trust me when I say this, this is a real issue when you work in teams).

There are other reasons, but these are the obvious ones.

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