Table view tutorial using view controller not table view controller

Is there a tutorial for using a table view without using table view controller but instead using view controller?

Check out the video tutorial Table Views in iOS - Part 2.

Have fun!

This is well worth learning. I think I once used a UITableViewController because I wanted to see how it worked - but in 6+ years that’s the only time!

the tableview is easy to use. you need to implement the datasource methods and you have done! I’m using both view controller with into tableview and Tableviewcontroller.

  1. in storyboard add and tableview and create the iboutlet in .h file or in .swift file.

  2. connect the tableview datasource and delegate with the view controller

  3. in the .m file or in .swift file implement the datasource (numSection, numRowInSection, cellForRowAtIndexPath) and, if you need, delegate methods (didSelectRowAtIndexPath and so on)

It’s easy!