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Build your own tvOS app while brushing up your SwiftUI skills. Get hands-on practice with tvOS lazy views and the Focus Engine.

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Hi, first of all thanks for the tutorial :slight_smile:

I tried your code and I’m facing the same issue when I use a custom style, changing the button style and using isFocused environment to know if the current cell is focus to change the selected design of the cell shows a strange bug. Sometimes when I scroll through the cells the focus is not proper centred on the screen and it seems that the selected cell is not shown. I tested using apple tv 4th gen and simulator tvos 14.1 and I can reproduce every time I use the swipe gesture on the remote control.

This is some known issue and do you how to fix that?

Thanks and have a nice day.

Thank you for the tutorial! It helps alot! However the tab bar seems to “skip/jump” when navigating down until the tab bar is out of view, then navigating back up to the top, then navigating to another tab. Is there any fix for this?