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Amazing! Been waiting for this course for so long!!! Well done Laurie and RW team!

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Awesome! I hope you enjoy it! :-]

@isaacmendez - @jessycatterwaul would love your thoughts on this. I used to be a developer a long time ago, but switched to product management. I’m learning iOS development for fun, not looking for a job out of this. If I build apps, I’d be building them for me and would use SwiftUI and only target iOS 13.

I’ve gone through the “iOS and Swift for Beginners” path (skipping the UIKit episode), and starting on the “iOS User Interfaces” path. When I clicked on “Start” the iOS User Interfaces path, I think it started me off on #2 on the list (“Layout in iOS”) for some reason, instead of #1 (“Swift UI”). I did the first set of episodes titled “Layouts in Swift UI” under the “Layout in iOS” course, but I see the rest are focused on UIKit.

Based on what I’m looking for, does it make sense to just focus on the “Swift UI” course, then skip to the “iOS Data and Networking” learning path?

For a hobbyist looking to build apps for fun, will I run into bottle necks if I don’t learn UIKit?

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The path has existed for some weeks now, but SwiftUI only switched to being the start earlier today.

Possibly, but because the SwiftUI updates of those courses haven’t been released yet, it could be challenging!

That makes sense! I started the learning path a couple days ago. Thanks @jessycatterwaul

Is there an ETA on when the rest of the courses might be updated?

This is a great question! We are currently in a sort of in-between stage of working with UIKit and SwiftUI. Learning both would be advantageous but if its for your own work and your UI is simple I would recommend SwiftUI. If your UI becomes more advanced, then there are many solutions in UI kit already documented, which is not currently the case with SwiftUI.

Hi! Saving Data in iOS is scheduled for release this coming week, so you’ll be able to start on that very soon!

Networking with URLSession’s rough ETA looks to be about a month after that. Beginning Core Data is in the middle of those two in the path, but the update is in an earlier phase of production, so I don’t have a rough ETA for you yet.