SwiftUi and CloudKit

As we all know in the previous version of Xcode we used Table Views to list out our data collected from iCloud. I Have used it many times in my app.
With the new Xcode 11 and SwiftUI I am at a loss to get CloudKit to use the List controls to show my data.
Does anyone have a sample or tutorial that can guide me down this new path?
T Riley
Ladybug Development

@triley52501 Do you still have issues with this?

Yes although I spotted a video yesterday on how to use cloud kit in SwiftUI I haven’t attacked it yet but it didn’t look that simple either. Why do you have a solution?

Hi @triley52501,
I do not have any code for you, but here’s how you can do that.

  1. If you get your data from cloudKit then you can use a List item and display your data as a TableView in SwiftUI

  2. In SwiftUI the UI elements need to bind to a state or a data source, so you will need to have a datasource in the form of a Binding or Observable that populates the data from CloudKit and displays it using List items on the UI. This would also hinge a bit on combine.

You can look at the books on SwiftUI, Combine from the store for more details on these topics.


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