Swift Web Server (Kitura) and Paw

I thought it was worth mentioning I am having an incredibly good time programming this week. In the past I have always thought of web servers as nasty flavorofthemonthJS things that I had to get someone else to do, but this week I have been using Kitura. It’s an open source project from IBM (where I work, but I don’t know the authors) that makes it very, very easy to create my own web server in 100% Swift. Very fortunate because I never bothered to learn any js! The really great thing is I can develop everything locally and then just push it a cloud instance once I want others to be able to access it!

Next awesome thing I am using is Paw. In developing the web server you need to define an API. Paw lets me create a document with the API definition and to exercise the pieces of the API with one click, altering any part of the queries I want, before I have written the iOS client. It can switch all the queries from the cloud or local instance with one click. It can export Swift code to use the API, or a textual description, or various other formats. There is a thing called Postman as a Chrome plugin that some people here use but it is nowhere near as nice to use as Paw - try it out, the best software is worth paying for.


Great. I’m very interested in trying this out myself (server-side swift with Kitura), and I do use Paw, so please share your experience when you have the time! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the insight, and a great help in steering me through the whole server-side minefield, which I am just getting into. Glad to see the IBM-Swift-Apple collaboration is progressing and I am with you - the less languages we have to learn the better!