Swift Playground Books: Getting Started | Ray Wenderlich

Learn how to make your first Swift Playground Book for the iPad, that displays a live view containing a view controller designed in a Storyboard.

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Awesome! Hope to see more playgrounds books videos!

I was wondering if this tutorial shows how to use a view created in Interface Builder Storyboard and extend/override code in the Corresponding viewController. Ultimately I want to use IB to create my Playground interface but learn/code in the playground.

I’m not currently a subscriber but thinking about trying it if it will help me. Playgroundbook tutorials are non-existent.


Yes - this covers how to create your user interface for your live view in a Storyboard, but use that storyboard-designed view controller in a Playground Book. I am the same as you and prefer using IB, hence why I cover how to do that in these screencasts :]

Can you make a video about Playground Bluetooth? :]

I’m not sure there’s enough demand for a screencast on that, but we’ll think about it :]

Ok, thanks for the speedy reply!