Swift Apprentice Updated for Swift 4.2 | Ray Wenderlich

Swift Apprentice has been completely updated for Swift 4.2 as part of our iOS 12 Launch Party!

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Great update. Thank you very much.

The updated PDF (v4.0) seems to be lacking a table of content. That makes it really hard to navigate between different chapters. Any chance that it could be fixed?

Hey @aurrak: We’re working on fixing a bug that breaks the hyperlinked table of contents. Once we fix that bug, we’ll re-issue the PDFs with the hyperlinked table of contents intact. Thanks for the note!

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Awesome. Will a print edition also be made available on Amazon? If so, any ETA? Thanks.

@gregoryl We’re preparing the print editions for Amazon as I type this. ETA is probably early October. Thanks!

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@chrisrazeware any update on this please?

The PDF version of Swift Apprentice (v4.0.1) still doesn’t have a table of content.

Same thing with the following books that I purchased:

  • Apple_Debugging_and_Reverse_Engineering_v3.0
  • Data_Structures_and_Algorithms_in_Swift_v2.0
  • Design_Patterns_by_Tutorials_v2.0
  • Push_Notifications_by_Tutorials_v1.0

@chrisrazeware Can you please help with this when you get a chance? Thank you - much appreciated! :]