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In this tutorial, you’ll explore the usefulness of algorithms and, specifically, how to implement Strassen’s Matrix Multiplication.

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Just a highlighting a minor mistake :
At the beginning of the tutorial (in the “How does it work?” section) you mention A[2,1] as element in the second row and first column which is absolutely fine except i feel there is a typo in this image
A[2,1] should be equal to 3 (second row , first column)
A[1,2] should be equal to 2 (first row , second column)

Another small typo,
In the part where you expand a matrix tStrassenMatrix-14 o make it a power of two, you’ve mistakenly added some numbers in the bottom two rows of the BPrep matrix while it should just be all zeroes.


Thanks for highlighting these Rakshak! I’ll work to get the images updated. And for the first comment, you’re absolutely correct, I mean to index A by row then column. A[row, column]

Thanks again!