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Swift Algorithm Club: September Digest

The Swift Algorithm Club is an open source project to implement popular algorithms and data structures in Swift. We thought it would be useful to periodically give a status update with how things are going with the project. First of all, we want to thank our amazing community of over 60 contributors for supporting this […]

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I’ve been following this since the start and it’s amazing how far along it’s come. I want to learn more and contribute to the project. I am not sure what to do however. Is there a way to contact you and have you offer some more information?


Yeah! You can get ahold of me through the comments section, or send me a connection request on linkedin. I’m always happy to meet other developers!

We’ve got a general guide on how to contribute here, but if you have any other inquiries, feel free to ping me!

We’re currently focusing on bringing the articles over to Swift 3. We’ve also got a new project coming up in refactoring some algorithms. More info on that later on :]