Swift 4 - RxSwift 4 update


i am really looking forward to buy this book.
However, Swift 4 and RxSwift 4 are already out and the book is based on Swift3 and RxSwift 3.X.
Do you have any estimate on when you will release an update of the book?


@aperiz when you buy any rw.com book in digital form you get updates for free. We’re wrapping up the RxSwift4 update but you can get the digital copy right away and just download the next version when it’s out

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Thanks @icanzilb, but i’m still a big fan of paper books :grinning:

Okay, then I can’t tell you much right now - there’s always a delay after the digital release because of offsetting for print, edit for print, processing, and pushing to amazon. My best advice for the moment is to keep an eye on the website - we’ll probably make an announcement about the print version as soon as we release the digital.


When do you think the Swift 4 versions will be out? I bought the book already. However, none of the Swift 3 stuff will open in the latest XCode and it’s too much effort trying to migrate each and every project from Swift 3 to 4.

Thanks - a happy reader.

we’re doing final edits of the last chapters right now, it took a bit longer than we expected :slight_smile:

Would it be possible to get the support files for chapters 1 through 5 at least as a preview?

Just in case you didn’t notice the new edition came out this last week

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