Swift 3, iOS 10 - No iCloud support for Core Data?

When I purchased the previous version of Core Data by Tutorials, it was primarily out of interest in syncing Core Data across devices via iCloud, which I implemented in my own app.

In one of your ads for the forthcoming update of the book for Swift 3 and iOS 10, it was mentioned that there would no longer be iCloud support for Core Data.

Will the updated book provide an alternate method for syncing across devices?

Thank you…


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It does appear that iCloud support for Core Data is gone. One method people have been recommending is the Ensembles framework.

You can try out a free book and get the source code for the 1.0 release (MIT license) - l;looks like version 2 is a paid release for now.

I have not used this software, but I have also never seen anyone say “oh god this sucks” (as they did for iCloud Core Data!!!) and that’s as good a sign as any.

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