Swift 3 code stuck in compiling

I did some refactoring in my swift 3 code but now my code is not even compiling. It is stuck in compiling and takes forever. My CPU usage goes really high so I feel either it is some infinite loop or some type reference issue may be. So what is the best way to find which line of code is causing this? Do we have compile options? In my refactoring I added some new arrays and if they are causing it how do I check and confirm. Any help is appreciated.

@maannaash Thanks very much for your question! The best thing to do is show is the code that is causing trouble, or what you are suspicious about, and we can see perhaps where you are going wrong. Otherwise, I would suggest that you perhaps use breakpoints within your app, and see where the compiler reaches during the building, and running of your app. That actually should be your very first approach in trying to debug the issue.

I hope this helps!

All the best!