Supporting Materials to be updated on Github

Thanks for this excellent book, I am learning a lot.
The supporting materials are out of date because of the Android version used. The error message is : Build failed due to use of deprecated Android v1 embedding.
Are you going to update the files ?

Thanks for reporting this :slight_smile: We’ll definitely tackle this in a future book update.

It’s a little bit painful to integrate new chapter files into the previous chapter version. Is there any way to automatically replace Android files or folders to be able to use the Github current ressources ?

I think I don’t understand what you mean. Can you provide some example?

Sorry, I wasn’t clear in my question.
Cn we remplace the existing Android folder or some files in order to have a successful run ?

Probably yes. A simpler way for now is this minimal set of changes, which should get you back on track to successfully build for Android.
It shows changes only for chapter 7 but the same changes should work for all the chapters.

Thanks funkyboy, will try it. Still on chapter 5 :frowning:

when will the update occur?
At this time the materials are unusable.

The warning message states:
“You may also pass the --ignore-deprecation flag to
ignore this check and continue with the deprecated v1 embedding.”

How can I do that?

I am using your minimal set of changes and that is working with warnings.

I also love the book and love the way we are guided step by step. This deprecated Andriod v1 embedding is a show stopper to me as well - will highly appreciate any support re same. Thank you for all the books and programs - will probably stay a member for life. Can we please have support on this topic to not have to wait for a next scheduled book update to be able to proceed what we busy with now?

Show stopped. I would love to continue with flutter apprentice but the projects don’t build.