Suggestion for next revision of Chapter 6 re: storeDescription

in the “One More Thing” section, the text reads:

look for the storeDescription property on to which you set the flags for enabling migrations in the first place. Change the flags to the following…

But this is the first time that the storeDescription variable is mentioned and, at least in the “v2” project folder I started from, the lines shown…

description.shouldMigrateStoreAutomatically = **true**
description.shouldInferMappingModelAutomatically = **false**

…are not to be found in CoreDataStack.swift

This must be an oversight, because the text specifically says “Yes, that’s all the code you need to change; there is no new code!”

By the way, is creating a new post for each errata I find the best way to do this, or should I be submitting these somewhere else?

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