Submitting Both A Paid and Monetized App

Hello everybody,

You know I read several articles on submitting an app as a monetized one, or as a paid, I even have one app on the app store already. However, I never really understood how to post an app that is both a free app (with ads) and a paid app (more content and ad free).

Now, I image this is easy, you simply submit two separate apps to the app store, they look almost exactly the same but one is paid and the other free however I have been wrong about these things before. So, I am just double checking as I put on the finished touches,

how do you really do it? What is the best practice for submitting both a free/paid app?

I am tempted to put out my paid one first since it is finished and I need to add ads to my free one.

I guess I am worried about getting into trouble submitting two separate apps that are the same, only slightly different. Don’t they frown on apps being too similar in the App store? Like when they said “no more ‘flappy bird’ apps”. I know I’m being overly cautious, this is my first time doing it and I’m looking for best practices

Another option is to release the free app with an option to “Remove Ads and access additional content.” That way it’s just 1 app on the store and you get both options.