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Storyboards Tutorial for iOS: Part 1

In this tutorial you'll learn all about storyboards, scenes, prototype cells and overriding default behavior with subclasses.

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To get the Images named in the resources folder, you must click the Assets.xcassets folder in the Outliner and import the relevant images. it creates another instance of the images… but at least they no longer error out when the app is built.

Perhaps this was covered in another tutorial, and I am doing this one out of order, but this was a stumbling block for me while completing the tutorial.

I’m having difficulty getting the game “detail” label to change to the selected game.

In the final project which I downloaded, it has the var game: String = “Chess” and player = Player(name: playerName, game: “Chess”, rating: 1) still in place. I don’t think that could be right.

And for some reason xCode won’t let me select a simulator device to run, so I can’t see for myself if that matters. It does in my code. I can change the var game: String to other text and that appears, but never the selected game. My segues all seem to be set correctly.

Up until this point everything was running so smoothly. Love this tutorial…! Help, please.
… N


Thanks for the tutorials, I like the way it is explained.
However for me this does not work.

I followed every step to the 2nd buidl/run where you are supposed to get the table view. I do not get any table view only an empty screen. Tried now 2 times with the same result: no horizontal lines.
Tried to add the code to it, but it still remains an empty screen.

What step am I missing? Everything looks the same as on the webpage here.



I checked the tabs, they are ok, but both tabs are empty.

@lunarboots Can you please help with this when you get a chance? Thank you - much appreciated! :]

This tutorial is more than six months old so questions are no longer supported at the moment for it. Thank you!