Storyboard tutorial ios 9 part 1 project

Good day,
Please some help here with this code section …
What i’m doing wrong here …?

How and where did you declare imageForRating ?

Hi there spgms,
declared imageForRating following this …

So the error message says your controller class doesn’t have a method named imageForRating, and the instructions say put the method at the end of the class. Sherlock Holmes deduces that you put the method past the end of the class, instead of just before the final bracket. Try moving it up before the bracket just above it. (Been there, done that).

Sorry, but where precisely should it go ? i mean the whole code block should go where ?
this that attached right ? still have the same warning …

Where i’m going wrong ?

Not the same error message. Now it says you are missing the parameter name. Should be

...self.imageForRating(rating: player.rating)