Status bar style not applied during launch on iPad

I’m trying to set the status bar style (light or dark) for the launch screen of an iOS app. I’m doing this via the ‘Status Bar Style’ setting in the project’s general settings (using Xcode 12.0.1).

This works in all cases where I’ve tested it except for iPads running iOS/iPadOS 14. On iPads running 14, both devices and simulators, the ‘Status Bar Style’ setting seems to be ignored during the launch screen most of the time.

This can be tested by creating a new project from the Xcode ‘App’ template and setting ‘Status Bar Style’ to be the same as the system appearance (that is, if the system appearance is ‘Light’, set the status bar style to ‘Light Content’, and if the system appearance is ‘Dark’, set the status bar style to ‘Dark Content’). If everything works correctly, you should get the style you requested. If it doesn’t work, you’ll get the opposite style (e.g. if you requested ‘light’, you’ll get ‘dark’ instead). If the launch screen background is white you of course won’t be able to see the status bar if its style is ‘light’, so setting the launch screen background to a color other than black or white can make it easier to see what’s going on.

This seems like a bug in UIKit, but it could also be user error on my part, or a problem with my particular environment. Has anyone else observed this behavior? Can anyone confirm or disconfirm the behavior I’ve described here?

Thanks for any input.

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