Stacks - Portrait/Landscape & sizing & Newboy here

OK so I have an idea for an App to help me / my Community First Responders. I have been learning swift for only about a month and I have next to no programming experience.
The general idea of Class & delegates I think I have got. I have some success with setting constraints and I have tried to follow a number of training from Ray & others. Including buying courses and books but as yet I cant solve the problem. Auto layout just does not seem to cut it or is to complicated for my small brain and Stacks seem not to work again they probably do I just can’t figure them out.

The Problem. I want one view that when rotated in any direction on any device (iPhone 6/7 and iPad mini primarily)
I want to get to this:

The Swift and the cloud are pictures. The apples will all be IBActions .
The first four items form the left hand side of the Landscape and the Cloud and five buttons form the right.

I have added in another post… because of the image limitation
what I get in Landscape is this


So what can I do / try, which lesson have I missed?


The other image