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Autoresizing doesn’t appear on the new Xcode 11.4.1 in the Stack View size inspector

Instructions for Xcode 11 are at 1:00:

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Is any chance you make a video to make live stream app? I know I’m asking too much.

@jessycatterwaul Since Xcode 12 if you do not embed an UIStackView in an UIView, the autoresizing mask will not work out-of-the-box. Just open the lesson files and you will see.

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Autoresizing is very much legacy technology. You will learn how to use constraints to make your layouts more flexible later in the course, but to keep things working as demonstrated in this episode:

    1. Make sure your “View as” device in Interface Builder matches the simulator you are building to.
    2. When you make changes to the stack views settings (at 6:30), switch the stack view’s “Layout” setting in the size inspector to “Inferred” and then back to “Autoresizing” to get the right results.