Spatial database for ios

I need a database to store spatial data which I will collect from my app, and render it and show it whenever user requires it.

Things I have tried -

libspatialite-ios - After the library was built when I tried to test the library I got 'implicit declaration of function is invalid in c99' error. I followed the below link to built the library and link it to my project

SpatialDBKit - The library was not getting build properly, I tried to built in several systems but got same error.

If there is any other database or any other method which can be used to achieve the desired task. Please let me know.

@pjoshi2392 Thanks very much for your question!

I honestly would recommend Core Data which is a native implementation of local storage for iOS devices by Apple. I highly recommend it because there are a ton of resources for it, including many articles and videos on our site.

A lightweight alternative is Realm, which also has many resources for it available, including on our site.

I personally am biased, as I prefer using native tools provided by Apple, which means I would encourage you to use Core Data. While it may be overkill for some, the long term benefits of learning it are tremendous, as it is widely used in the industry, and would be a very valuable skill to have. :slight_smile:

I hope this helps!

All the best!

Hi @syedfa Thanks for the response…
I have one more question, can we store .dwg or citygml in core data ?

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