Source Code for book version 2.0?

Is there source code for the second edition of the book? All I saw was 1.0 and 1.1 for older versions of Unity pre-2017.1

Please go ahead and download it on the book’s store page:

Thank you! :]

I can’t find the source code for v2.0 either.

only has 1.0 & 1.1

And I couldn’t see any source code downloads on the store page given:

@unchill @derekmorris1 I see what you mean, the source code page was missing the link for the latest edition book. @crispy8888 has fixed that page now (Thanks Chris!), so you should now be able to download the resources for the latest print edition book via the link you had tried before:

@shogunkaramazov The store page for downloading is correct link for customers who’ve bought the ebook from our site. However for print version customers they need to access the source code via the above link specifically for print customers since print purchases are not linked to their account.

Yep, it’s there now. Thanks.

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