[Solved] Chp 42: Popover (non) Issue

Under the section “Do not allow two popovers to be open at the same time” we ran the function:

splitViewController(_ svc: UISplitViewController, willChangeTo displayMode: UISplitViewControllerDisplayMode)

in order to prevent the popover on the right and the master pane on the left. I couldn’t get both popovers to display before or after adding the code on page 1063-1064. Fairly specific question but: is this something that is no longer able to happen in a later version of Xcode? Does split view controller auto-prevent you from having more than one popover at a time?

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The issue with more than one popup displaying at the same time was present with the beta version of iOS 11 that I was working with when the book was written. But as you mention, that seems to no longer happen with iOS 11.2 since I can’t reproduce this issue now either. So you do not have to implement the UISplitViewControllerDelegate as per pages 1063 and 1064 and your app would work fine :slight_smile:


Good to know. Thanks for the quick response! :slight_smile:

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