So Sad On The Lack Of Responses

This used to be the best place to seek help from the community and always willing to help when it was before Swift came out. But now Raywenderlich has grown and the community has gone. And who ever is left as Guardians placed by Raywenderlich are not helpful at all.
I guess Money $$$ is far important and forgot why this website was created in the first place. When My Yearly Membership lapses, that will be the end of it.
At least it was great many years ago for support.

What question do you have?

Hi Robert. Be kind enough to do your own research, that’s what programming really means. When people have time sometimes they put time and effort on stack overflow/twitter/raywenderlich. The subscription is not that expensive in comparison to some payments I know (iOS camps £1200 for 3 days in UK). Back in the day ‘without the internet’ I was having a nightmare going through MS Visual Studio / C++, later with macromedia’s Action Script 2. I eventually learned how to use built in library/FAQ. Don’t expect and you won’t get disappointed.

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Looks like this was his question:

I’m not yet a Swift or SwiftUI guru, so I can’t help.

Honestly, I’ve seen a general decline in quality as well. You can see the following code snippet used as a utility in one of the books which not only follows bad practice, but breaks the RW guidelines across the board:

  static func loadFromNib() -> InfoView {
    let nibName = "\(self)".split{$0 == "."}.map(String.init).last! //This uses a poor practice which should not be advertised as a proper solution in which you can find an explanation [here](
    let nib = UINib(nibName: nibName, bundle: nil)
    return nib.instantiate(withOwner: self, options: nil).first as! InfoView
static func showIn(viewController: UIViewController, message: String) {

    var displayVC = viewController //This completely breaks naming conventions and best practices defined in the RW style guide.

    if let tabController = viewController as? UITabBarController {
      displayVC = tabController.selectedViewController ?? viewController
private func showError(error e: Error) //This not only breaks RW conventions, but Swift API guidelines and is extremely redundant. `show(error:) or `show(_ error:)` far more appropriate, but not only has redundancy been added, shorthand variables such as `e` are now littered in learning material.

I’ve been a huge supporter of RW, but was always worried that quality would drop as they grew. The forums are no longer as informative, the books jump past important learning details, and the quality of the code in the tutorials has decreased drastically :frowning:. Heck, in one book I was reading, there are flat out hacks (which broke in Xcode 11) with a pre written script to implement some things in Playgrounds…

In the past, I would use RW source material as a pillar reference for best practice. Now it’s just informal references.

I’m highly surprised no one at RW hasn’t nipped this in the butt and tried to generate some common utility libraries to prevent fragmenting and encourage quality.

Thank you very very much. It is nice to see that I am not alone in seeing the decline. You can see by the type of responses that was aimed at me and it just reaffirms my thoughts. In the old days of Objective C the help that one got was incredible. Not only friendly but insures that you were not felt alone and the willingness to help was above approach. All that is what made this website great. SwiftUi is a totally different beast from Swift alone. And as far as books and examples is growing slowly. I have no idea on who these people who responded, but sensitivity is not part of their resume.
In the end I asked for help from and Brian was willing to help me for a small price of $150.00 which was extremely helpful and money well spent. The problem that I had was not the run of mill question. For no where in all the SwiftUI courses on this site, touched on the type of problem I had. SO, THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR BEING SO KIND IN SHARING THE EXAMPLE. And it does show me a different approach which I did not think of.

Next time if you post a question for your own help. Please use your own quote.
Be kind enough to do your own research, that’s what programming really means.
Sadly, the world is becoming more like your response. And that is what is wrong in this world. Thank you for your well formulated reply. And may you have incredible good new year. Good Bye

You said the Objective-C days were better. Apple has created a lot of chaos since it introduced Swift, breaking the language’s syntax multiple times, breaking Cocoa frameworks. This absolutely put a dent in the Apple developer community’s morale, as much as everyone pretends otherwise-- who knows what is going to break in your code from year to year? Apple has gone bonkers, labeling all of their essential guides as “archived,” even deprecating source code they released one or two years earlier at WWDC.

“Next time if you post a question for your own help.”
Take a look at how many topics/responses I made on Ray Wenderlich forum over the years.

“Sadly, the world is becoming more like your response.”
I can’t afford “blaming” game I have responsibilities instead.

“And may you have incredible good new year.”

@hcri1950 Thanks very much for your question/comment.

I first want to apologize to you if you have felt that your question was neglected and/or ignored. It is not our intent to do this. Bear in mind, our first and foremost priority is to offer support to the products, as well as the tutorials, and courses we offer. This by itself is a big task, and we do our best. I definitely can attest to this from first hand experience.

As far as individual technical help, especially with new and emerging technologies like SwiftUI, it is very difficult to provide support for all of the questions, and technical issues we receive. I come across many, many cases where users post long blocks of code, and it simply is not feasible for SME’s to allocate the time, and energy to answer one question, while others are being ignored. It honestly is a case by case scenario where we do try our best to help as many individuals as possible, and without doubt, we often times fall short of what we aspire to achieve. Please understand that we are human, and we genuinely do try our best.

@yogiii Thanks very much for your response, but speaking as a one time beginner, yes, it can be frustrating AFTER doing research to not find the help you are looking for. It is wrong to suggest that because someone has posted a question on a forum, they have not done their due diligence in finding the solution to their problem for themselves. Not at all. I think most developers would prefer to figure out the answer for themselves rather than have to ask for help. What makes the developer community unique, and great is the fact that we support one another, and this is done through countless open source projects, websites that offer a venue to get your technical questions answered for free, and tutorial sites like ours that we hope leads the way in educating everyone at all levels. I most definitely empathize with @hcri1950 because yes, I too when I started off as a developer was unable to find help for my questions when iOS was in its infancy, and yes, I had to pay professionals to answer my questions. This was my reality, and yes, I sympathize with those for whom this is the case today.

@hcri1950 On behalf of the RW team, I want to say that I am sorry that you have felt that you are not getting the support you feel you deserve. The growth of the developer community outpaces the growth of our staff, and so unfortunately we may not be able to meet everyone’s expectations. Thank you for your respectful comment, and candor. I do want to suggest that you reconsider not renewing your subscription, as we do our utmost to provide the best quality content possible, and as I mentioned before, because of the growth in content that we offer, it is only fair that we prioritize the support for the content for which our customers are paying for. I apologize once again for not being there to answer your question, and I genuinely do appreciate your patronage, and loyalty to

I personally would like to welcome you to continue posting any questions you may have related to mobile development on our site, and I do hope that we are given the opportunity to redeem ourselves in the support we provide. For what it’s worth, I am sorry.

I wish you, and yours the very best.

Take care.


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