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any chance to have CI/CD course?

@yangwulong1978 tell me more: what would you like to see in a CI/CD course? What kinds of platforms could we cover?

As I searched iOS job position, in many company’s job requirements need developer be familiar with ci/cd. Automatic test,Agile development.etc…

Many people are using raywenderlich to skill up iOS,android skills to get opportunity to get related job.

So if raywenderlich can have some kind of this course ,what ci cd most company will use,it maybe help many people,to help them to get job easier.

@yangwulong1978 Great thoughts. I’ll put these on our wishlist for the video course team. You’ll also be interested to hear that we have several books coming soon that will touch on these topics too!

That’s so cool! I am wondering that will there be an iOS version for Build an App Like Discord with Firebase? That’s a very useful course.

@kchen I’ll add that idea to the list! Thanks!