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So for apps with version lower than iOS 10.3, they can just ask users to tap a link to app store for review, but custom prompts are absolutely forbidden?

Not exactly.

The prompt became available with iOS 10.3, and apps that target that or above are expected to ask for a review using SKStoreReviewController (they can reject your app if you do a custom dialog)

If a user is running your app with a version of iOS less than 10.3, you should do a check and do a prompt another way. The SKStoreReviewController class won’t be available.

I think their idea here is that eventually (maybe next summer?) the base target for Xcode will not be iOS 10 anymore (it may not be right now? I’m not sure what Xcode 10 has as the min), so you will be pretty much be forced to use SKStoreReviewController going forward.

Another thing to keep in mind is that users tend to adopt iOS at a pretty fast rate, and going 2 versions behind you get into low single digit percentage of users. So once iOS 12 drops officially in a few weeks, a lot of your users are going to be on iOS 12 or iOS 11.

Hope this helps!

Why even bother to track how often the decision to call Apple’s Review request function ? It seems Apple is doing this for us. It takes a tiny burden off of things and probably can aid in making sure the user has used the app enough to make an informed rating review. Also you did not talk much about how a user will be able to add written review of an app.

@hococoder Can you please help with this when you get a chance? Thank you - much appreciated! :]

Hi - I brought up the idea of making sure a certain number of actions (in this case, viewing the screen) had taken place just to provide with an extra check to make sure you weren’t asking for it too often - and better yet, give you a better chance of actually getting a prompt when you ask for it. Remember, iOS will only display the prompt 3 times within a 365 day period. This means on average, about once every 4 months. I could ask for it more often than that, but I would most likely not get the prompt every time I really, really want it. If I make an effort to ask for the prompt on something closer to the 4 month cadence, I have a better chance of getting the prompt when I want it. This can help me get a more constant, routine sampling of feedback from user. Again, it’s not a requirement, but it gives you a little more control over when the prompt will actually appear.

And as for written reviews - you’re right! I didn’t talk much about that. But when you are on an actual device, you can hit Submit if you choose stars to review with and you will get a prompt to leave a written review.

Hope this addresses your questions - please let me know!