SIMD Metal Documentation

Hi there!
Is there any documentation about SIMD in Metal like float4x4 constructors: identity, rotation… ?!?
Thanks in advance

SIMD isn’t Metal specific; it’s actually part of the Accelerate framework:

And float4x4 doesn’t exist. In the book, float4x4 is a typealias for simd_float4x4.

There’s also a nice article on matrices: Apple Developer Documentation

If you mean in shaders, then that’s Metal Shading Language, which is based on C++. The only documentation is the Metal Shading Language Specification:


Thank you very much!
Yes I mean in shaders: metal::float4x4
I’ve already read all of these documents but seems not exists constructors for rotations or identity.
No problem, I’ll implement it with with your code of the MathLibrary.swift as a reference :wink:

Yes, the MSL is all we have to go on. Comparing the metal standard library header files with the specification, however, does show that the specification looks accurate.

For example, metal_matrix only has determinant and transpose, which is what is listed in the MSL doc.

Any further functions you’d have to create yourself.