Should I remove my @1x images from my App?

Since I am no longer supporting non retina display images, should I remove my @1x images? Or should I keep them anyways. I heard itunesconnect automatically sets the correct images for you automatically when you upload the App. So it shouldn’t take up space or the user’s storage. Please let me know what you recommend.

I would leave them. The size is trivial compared to the size of code and other assets, and where better to store the 1x version than in the project? And this assumes that features like App Thinning are not working… if a device does not require, will never use, 1x images, the App Store should not deliver them.

For all projects that no longer require legacy artwork, there is no need to ever create 1x versions, as they are not needed for any single phase of development. For example when dragging an image onto a view in Interface Builder – where no legacy assets are present – IB creates a legacy representation of the retina only versions that you are dragging in.

Creating legacy versions and storing them in the project, whether using App Thinning or not is irrelevant. Save yourself the time and space! :smiley: