Should I move on from SceneKit?

Im trying to make a game with SceneKit in swift and literally the only documentation that I can find other than the apple developer website is the book from here. I look up a question on google and youtube and there is nothing but stuff unrelated to it from 2015. There used to be so many easy to follow tutorials, is this because nobody is using swift or scene kit to develop games? Should I move on and learn another way to develop?

@kddkdkkd. Thanks very much for your question! My answer to you is that you should build your app using ideally the best native tools available for you to use. Because game apps are a very specialized form of app development, you may not always find the same number of resources to learn from as other topics e.g. Core Data. However, by no means should you stop using SceneKit if it is the right tool set for your project. What you should do is ensure it provides the solution you need, and then thoroughly go through the documentation, as well as our book to understand the subject matter. If you have questions, the best place would be to post them on, or if they are specifically related to the books content, then right here in these forums. You of course can also post your questions on Apple’s forums as well.

I do also want to point out that if you have discovered that there are limited resources on this area, look at it as an opportunity for you to provide some resources yourself! There must be many other individuals like yourself who’ve come across this same obstacle, and are just as frustrated as you. Perhaps if you can share your experiences in a tutorial, or dare I say, go forth, and write your own book on the subject, you’d be doing a huge service for the iOS developer community (and building your career at the same time)! :slight_smile:

I hope this help!

All the best!