Should a beginner focus on iOS or Swift Apprentice first?

Hi everyone, I’m just curious to hear everyone’s thoughts on which book to read first. Also I searched the forums for similar topics with little luck. I apologize if this question has been beat to the ground. I’m about half way through the checklist app in the iOS apprentice book but am curious if I should switch over.

Thanks for your thoughts.

It’s probably a good idea to do both. The Swift Apprentice is purely about the language and goes into much deeper detail on Swift than the iOS Apprentice does. However, the iOS Apprentice shows you the things you need in order to build actual apps.

So my advice is to keep going with the iOS Apprentice but use the Swift Apprentice to fill in any gaps in your knowledge of the language.


Thank you for your thoughts. I agree. It was the line of thought I was going down but was trying to determine if I should go ahead and buy the Swift book. I did and read through the first couple of chapters. I can see it being a great source in tandem.