Shoptimizer - Manage shopping lists, supplies, and recipes

Thanks to the great tutorials of I just recently released version 2.2.0 of Shoptimizer.

Shoptimizer allows you to not only manage your shopping lists, but also to manage your household supplies and synchronise them. You can also enter your favorite recipes and create shopping lists from those.

Furthermore, Shoptimizer has what I call the ‘Aggregated List’. That is, for each of your shopping lists, you can state if you want to add that list to the Aggregated List. That list is then a summary of all the items in all the thus configured lists. This way you can organise separate lists for separate occasions and still have an overview of all these lists’ items in one place.

You can also send shopping lists and recipes to other Shoptimizer users.

Shoptimizer is available in the USA and the EU. Try it out at ‎Shoptimizer on the App Store.

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Hey folks,

I have just released a new version of Shoptimizer. It is available in the EU and it is available for free for a few days.

With the new Shoptimizer your recipes just got super-powered. You can now

  • add preparation steps to your recipes,
  • add categories to your recipes,
  • filter/search recipes by name, ingredient name or category,
  • choose if you want to add an ingredient to this search or the shopping lists created from the recipe,
  • schedule recipes and be notified of upcoming preparation steps, and
  • see all the upcoming preparation steps in the new ‘Tasks’ tab.

Oh, and also you can now filter your supplies by name.

For you to get started immediately, the new version comes with two new recipes: One for a sourdough and one for a yummy bread based on that sourdough. Start baking!