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Hi Tim,
Your course is awesome but just one suggestion, people are watching your videos to learn and type along with what you are saying. Your speed of speaking is quite fast as well as the page is shown for a very small duration so it becomes difficult to catch up with what you are saying while focusing on what you are typing on the screen. Maybe just consider with slowing down the pace so that it becomes easier to follow along. One post-production tip is after recording videos ask some 2-3 people to follow along while watching your videos, so you will come to know the speed so you can record at your speed but in post-production, you may reduce the speed to say 0.8 or so, which will be perfect.

Hi @nikhilpandey thanks for the feedback, I’ll try and take it on board for the next version!

Hi Tim, im receiving “No such model Fluent” and my Configure.swift has hardly any entries when first generating the project.

@lukei did you choose the option to include Fluent when you started the project? The video course is out of date and in the queue to be updated. Have a look at the tutorial which has been updated