Server Side Swift with Kitura - Part 7: | Ray Wenderlich Videos

I'll walk you through what to expect when you "push the button" to put your API in the Cloud, and how to test it when it's live on the internet!

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Looks like your video is already obsoleted :slight_smile:

manifest.yml in your sources did not have a “buildpack” or “command” entries. I needed to add those it seems.

When I push I get:

-----> WARNING: You are requesting a custom version of Swift (defined in your .swift-version)
-----> WARNING: Default supported Swift version: swift-4.1.1
-----> WARNING: Requested Swift version for your app: swift-4.1
-----> WARNING: The buildpack will attempt to download requested version from

Where do I tell it to use 4.1.1?

Hi @gilroykilroy! In the root directory for your project, you should see a .swift-version file if you use ls -la in your terminal. Try updating this to 4.1.1 and that deprecation should go away :]

How so? I know the UI has changed a little bit, but Cloud Foundry for Swift can still be used on the website, albeit from a slightly different location.

If you click “Catalog” along the top of the website, and then select “Compute” along the left hand side, you should be able to scroll to Cloud Foundry.

Let me know if this doesn’t help.

Thanks. What I meant by “obsolete” is that the new site/code does use “ibmcloud” rather than “bx” now.

Anyway, my current issue is that I can’t get Kitura and CloudKit to authenticate public db requests. I am using OpenSSL to generate the ECSDA signatures and evidently it is different between the Mac (where the code works) and Linux (where I get authentication errors.)

While this doesn’t directly have anything to do with Kitura I am afraid I will have to abandon my Kitura efforts unless I can get this to work.

Interesting. Would you be willing to share some more information? If you visit either myself or someone else on the team could help you out with what you’re trying to do.

The manifest.yml file I had had 2 lines missing, the buildpack: and command:
I added them and it caused the bluemix app push to fail. I removed them and that command eventually pushed the instance up.

Also, anyone having trouble getting the commands to work from David (for example getting message “FAILED” Could not target org) would be better following the commands from IBM when you create instance and download CLI on the page titled " Download, modify, and redeploy your Cloud Foundry app with the command line interface"


@darjamfar Thank you for the heads up - much appreciated!

I follow along the video but every time I try to push to the real server it throws and error

Waiting for API to complete processing files…

Staging app and tracing logs…
Error staging application: StagingTimeExpired

@dokun1 Can you please help with this when you get a chance? Thank you - much appreciated! :]

Hey @vngrs! Can you copy and paste what your manifest.yml file looks like?

Additionally, can you let me know what region you selected when creating your instance on Cloud Foundry?

If you want more real-time help, log onto and we’ll get you sorted out.