Server Side Swift with Kitura - Part 11: | Ray Wenderlich Videos

Let's make a basic GET route using Kitura, and then let's enhance and streamline that route using the Codable protocol with Kitura's best built in feature - Codable Routing.

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I’ve faced troubles when creating "new .swift file " or when added some content inside “app_name.xcodeproj”. Selecting the app Target “executable” and even “Applicaiton” one, didn’t solve the issue.

The solution I found was just generating again the “app_name.xcodeproj” , using: `

swift package generate-xcodeproj

Hi @sersur - yes, one of the downsides of SPM, in my opinion, is constantly having to rebuild your Xcode project with this command. Thank you for sharing this solution! Did you need help with anything else?

Nop, thx ! I let you know :sunglasses: if I need help.

Ohhh yeaaa, will be very nice to have an example of app (video tutorial) to show us how to create apps using microservices & Docker. I know it is not may be the right topic but will be amazing to have such king of exmaples. Do you intent to create one ?

@dokun1 Do you have any feedback regarding this? Thank you - much appreciated! :]

I am by no means a Docker expert, but I can recommend you to a colleague of mine who is a Docker Captain! His name is John Zaccone, and he has a free course on IBM DeveloperWorks you can complete about microservices in Docker here: IBM Developer

Let me know if this is helpful :]

Yes, it is - have found new features there, thx !