Server side swift and creating a rest service

I’m starting to grip with all things iOS and swift but I really want to know how to create web servers using swift.
I am ashamed to admit it but I don’t really know much about servers, I think I understand how REST works, I’ve used urlsession to do Get requests of data on my app and with the help the tutorials from Ray but I really want to be able to have a crack at making a server backend myself.

I understand that their are videos related to this with the recently updated Prefect and Vapour, I wondered if these video would help in this or is specific resource I need to look at, with work I am currently assigned with teamtreehouse which is cool but I really want to be a full stack mobile dev and I hate having gaps in my knowledge.

Any direction would tremendously helpful

There are 16 screencasts on Vapor. Start with Server Side Swift with Vapor: Getting Started.

For creating a REST service, check out Server Side Swift with Vapor: RESTful Controllers.

Have fun!

@izzywizz if you want a ready example, you can take a look into my backend project:

This backend was written in Kitura (from IBM) and it is running on IBM Bluemix.

Thanks guys, I was doing some research and I feel like I’ve got to grips with terminolgy. I will take a look at both resources :slight_smile:

Got through the first video, still a little confused by it all :confused: but I think the jump between vapor 1 to 2 hasn’t helped, I found this tutorial here Postgresql with Vapor 2 but wow there is a lot to learn.
I got a few get requests working and a post to the database but definitely at the start of web api developing journey.