Scaling of Bullseye UI on iPhone 8


I am working through the initial Bullseye project in iOS Apprentice, and just completed it last night. I was momentarily caught out by the typo in the book relating to NavigationViewStyle, but quickly found the answer here on the forum.

As per the instructions in the tutorial, I did the initial design and testing using the iPhone 11 simulator, and everything looks and performs exactly as shown in the illustrations.

However, when I change the simulator to iPhone 8 and rebuild the project, the UI does not scale properly. The two buttons on the bottom row run off the left and right edges of the screen so they are only partially visible. I can still click on them, and they do work correctly, but the yellow button image is chopped off about halfway across. The rest of the UI looks OK, though the “1” and “100” text labels on the slider row abut right against the edge of the screen in the iPhone 8 simulator, where they have a little space on the left and right sides in the iPhone 11 simulator.

My next step will be to deploy the app to my physical iPhone 8, I am curious if the same thing will happen.

Am I missing a step in getting the project to recompile with iPhone 8 as the target?

Jim Barrett

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Hey there, @jrbarrett!

When I was writing the book, I was doing a lot of testing with the iOS 13 beta versions on a physical iPhone 6S and the iPhone 8 simulator, and these problems didn’t happen. I’m looking into what’s causing things to render improperly on smaller iOS devices, and how the problem can be fixed.

— Joey

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