Saving Data in iOS - Part 17: Section 2: Challenge: | Ray Wenderlich

Let's get a taste of working with Property Lists before we dive into what they're made of, in the next video.

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There is a typo in the 7 - Start playground. The backgroundName for the final scene in the array is spelled “space” when it should be “Space”. This causes the last occurence of $0.view to return nil.

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Good catch! I’ll fix it soon.

However, it’s not nil for me because I’m using the default macOS case-insensitive formatting. Is yours case-sensitive? Or did you find this by running the code on a device, instead of a playground?

I ran it in the playground downloaded from the course page.

Where does the case-insensitive formatting get set? I don’t recall ever changing it.

It’s set when the drive is formatted. Here’s how to tell: macos - How to check if my HD is case sensitive or not? - Ask Different

Thanks, never knew about that.

Running that command shows I am not using case-sensitive formatting so there must be some other issue at play here.

I’ve uploaded new materials. Please let me know if they work out for you. I currently have no idea why we’re getting different results!