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RWDevCon 2017 Vault – Pre-Order Now!

Pre-orders for the RWDevCon 2017 Vault are now open, and we’re offering a massive 50% off pre-launch discount!

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Boom DONE @rwenderlich Do we expect the same kind of timeline for this year with the video releases into the vault?

I can’t make any specific promises as it depends how quickly we receive the videos from the A/V company, but my best guess would be similar timeline as last year. We’re definitely aiming to get them out to everyone ASAP!

Thanks for offering the vault again this year, I look forward to work through it.

@rwenderlich will there be anything significantly different from last years RWDevCon? Also, if we are video subscribers will the video content be any different than the ones that are already up?

I have the 2016 RWDevCon vault and noticed some videos were similar (the subscription content have been / are being updated to Swift 3).

Am looking forward to another great year! (:

@endodoug Thx! :]

@simonqq Sure, here are the answers to your questions:

  • This year’s RWDevCon tutorials are 100% different from last year.
  • Many of the topics covered in the conference are ones we don’t have videos on at the moment.

Hi @rwenderlich . I can see already that 2017 vault has different topics than 2016. I feel kind of silly asking this but - do you still consider 2016 video content valuable although it has Swift 2 in it? Like a huge topic on Protocol-Oriented-Programming there, would I waste my time going though it and analysing it, this version is so altered in Swift 3 now I would end up with a huge amount of errors while using Xcode 8? Your thoughts?

@rwenderlich This year’s topic seems to be interesting to me. So,I plan to buy the tutorials. Could you tell me when the offer will expire?


Me too I’d like to know how long this pre-order is going to last?

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Just ordered my RWDevCon 2017 Vault as well, can’t wait.
Thank you all @ raywenderlich.com for this amazing bundle.

Hi, @rwenderlich wondering when the offer will expire. Thanks!

Hello from RWDevCon 2017! We are halfway through the tutorials that will be in the vault and they’re looking awesome so far. My talk is in just a few hours actually!

Anyway - I see a lot of questions about when the offer will expire. We’re planning on ending it sometime near where we release the videos (we’ll either end the discount when the videos come out, or shortly thereafter), which we’re hoping to do within a month (depending on when we get the videos back from our A/V company). I hope that helps! :]

Hi @raywenderlich! Please include subtitles on videos! Some sentences are more clear for non English speaking

When can I receive my purchase video from RWDevCon 2017? There almost 20 days past after I pay for RWDevCon 2017.

Very soon! We’ve received the videos from the A/V company and are putting the finishing touches on the Vault - should be released next week :]