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Could you explain how to do the Container Views in Storyboard that you show during the presentation, but due to time constraints you couldn’t do it?

Hey, can’t see any video from purchased RWDevConf. The player is not visible. ADBloker is OFF. Use Chrome browser. Early was able to see all. What happened?

I’m happy to say this is part of our “iOS Design Patterns” course!

This is covered in Part 9: Container Views, which will be released online within a few days. :]

Hmm, I haven’t heard about anyone else having problems with these videos… :confused:

These videos are playable using Google Chrome, which is what I too personally use.

Perhaps something is misconfigured, or something related to a plugin you have installed, on your Chrome browser? Maybe try another one, such as Firefox, and see if that makes any difference…?

Sorry, I can’t provide too much support/help beyond the content covered within the video presentation itself.

Good luck!