RWDevCon 2016 Vault - Part 15: 207: Xcode UI Testing | Ray Wenderlich

In Xcode 7, Apple introduced the ability to UI test your application without any third-party dependencies using XCUI tests. Learn how to take advantage of the UI test recording feature, how to use accessibility features to verify your application works for your users as expected, and how to pass information into your test target even though itโ€™s running in a totally separate process.

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Where do I find the devconf code for reference. I can access the videos but cannot access the starter kit

Sorry, I linked to the 2015 content. Try this one:

Weโ€™ve made our older Vault available as a free resource to all our readers.
The download includes:

The 570-page conference book
Starter and finished projects for each demo
Step-by-step instructions for each demo
Lab instructions and solutions