Requesting Code and Resource Files for Unity 5.4

Can I possibly obtain the code and resources from the book for Unity 5.4? I’m finding that Unity 5.4 and the tutorials work a lot better on my PC than Unity 5.5 does for some odd reason!

@eager2learn: Sure! Did you purchase the print version or the PDF version? Let me know and I can make the appropriate download available for you.

@chrisrazeware: I purchased the PDF version, you’re a real life saver!:slight_smile: This book is the best there is! Thank you so much!:slight_smile:

@eager2learn: The page below is designed for print customers, but you can still download the source code for the 5.4 and the 5.5 versions. Enjoy!

@chrisrazeware: Thank you, kindly for the link, very much appreciated! Just can’t get enough of this book! :slight_smile:

@chrisrazeware: I’ve downloaded the v1.0 code files and discovered that they are actually Unity 5.5 and not the expected Unity 5.4 compatible ones. Sorry to bother you with this once again! :expressionless: