Rendering PDF from UIScrollview

I have been stuck on this for quite sometime, I can’t seem to get it right. Page 1 is created but all other pages are blank, even worse is once I scroll to the bottom and create the pdf all the pages comes out blank. How do I go about solving this?

Hi and welcome to the forum community @wurllink! If you are referring to a tutorial please share the link so we can have a source to possibly look at or if you have any code to share that would be awesome.


Hi @gdelarosa, this is the code that I am currently using.
func createPDF() {

    let scrollview = waiverViews.scrollView
    let pageDimensions = scrollview.bounds
    let pageSize = pageDimensions.size
    let totalSize = scrollview.contentSize
    let numberOfPagesThatFitVertically = Int(ceil(totalSize.height / pageSize.height))
    let outputData = NSMutableData()
    UIGraphicsBeginPDFContextToData(outputData, pageDimensions, nil)
    let savedContentOffset = scrollview.contentOffset
    let savedContentInset = scrollview.contentInset
    scrollview.contentInset =
    if let context = UIGraphicsGetCurrentContext() {
        for indexVertical in 0 ..< numberOfPagesThatFitVertically {
            let offsetVertical = CGFloat(indexVertical) * pageSize.height
            scrollview.contentOffset = CGPoint(x: 0, y: offsetVertical)
            context.translateBy(x: 0, y: -offsetVertical)
            scrollview.layer.render(in: context)
        scrollview.contentInset = savedContentInset
        scrollview.contentOffset = savedContentOffset


@wurllink Do you still have issues with this?

Yeah, I never found the solution so the project stopped at that point.

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@wurllink, Did you find the solution for this cause i am stuck now…