Rendering CGAL::Triangulation_3

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How I would have to proceed to render a Delaunay 3D triangulation ? I’m getting glitches in the edges… and its normal given that there are four facets colliding there, so four values of normals around the edge. I need a triangulation because I’m working in a cristal look with transparency and inner facets so convex hull is not enough.

My actual attempt is:

A. Sort the triangles in camera axis:

  1. far half of the convex hull triangles
  2. finite not convex hull triangles sorted in camera axis. Only even (every triangle is ‘duplicated’ because there are always two cells colliding)
  3. near half of the convex hull triangles

B. Use Doubles instead of Floats

Any hint?

Thanks in advance!!!

My only hint is don’t use doubles on the GPU. GPUs use integers and floats. I believe that doubles are emulated, so would be slower than using floats.

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Ok, Thanks @caroline !!!